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Airports/Baggage Handling

Wherever you fly from in the UK there is a very good chance that Newfield Automation's Airport Integrated Control systems experience has been put to use and is controlling an element of the Airport's operation.

Managing integrated systems is vital in this environment as are the requirements of working around busy 24/7 operations. This is why major airports throughout the UK trust Newfield Automation's expertise to supply complete proven systems for 100% hold baggage screening systems, baggage handling, baggage reconciliation and management information systems.

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Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Newfield Automation's expertise provides the right control solution for powder and liquid manufacture, weighing, mixing, blending, packaging and tracking systems. We supply integrated control systems to major companies helping them to meet precise production targets and quality standards

Typical Projects include:

Process Improvement: Migration of manual controls onto existing PLC system for improved control and increased plant visualisation.

Control System Obsolescence: Conversion and migration of obsolete technologies onto modern and supportable control platform.

Storage and Dilution System: Integration of new Caustic Acid storage and dilution tanks into an existing process system and provided common control and visualisation for plant operations personnel.

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Factory Automation

Precision Control for Factory Automation.

Whether you wish to error track a part used in production assembly, safely and automatically load and transport a pallet along a warehouse or production conveying system, or control a raw materials bulk handling system, Newfield Automation Ltd’s experience will provide the right control technology integration for your application.

Factory Automation systems have been a main stay of Newfield Automation Ltd’s business over the past 25 years and a large knowledge base of successful proven applications and integration in various industries has been gathered in a wide variety of industries.

Typical Projects include:

Building Material Manufacture: Product size checking, cutting to size, and product fault diction.

Packaging Plant: Upgrading of shrink wrapping machine controls.

Press Line: Upgrade from relay to PLC control. Enhanced controls and plant safety.

Production Line Packaging: Integration of robot palletiser and automated product feeder/sorter systems.

Steel Manufacturing / Product Handling: Integration of 3rd party mechanical handling equipment and automation to provide steel bar handling "cell".

Final Product Line: Upgrade of obsolete control system onto new platforms with conveyor control and wireless SCADA.

Warehouse Monitoring & Controls: Food Warehouse ambient temperature monitoring systems and report traceability for quality control.

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Energy - Oil & Gas

Experienced in working within the specialised requirements of the
Oil & Gas Industries, Newfield Automation's hardware and software design engineers can provide Intrinsic Safety, High Integrity Safety Systems and Flameproof Compliant Control Systems, including the manufacture of Control Panels to these particular standards.

Typical Projects include:

System Obsolescence / Migration: turnkey Process Plant upgrading of obsolete equipment and technologies with the latest control PLC's and SCADA systems, all within the time constraints of planned shutdown periods.

Data Monitoring & Collection: Provision of remote telemetry units to Control and Monitor Power consumption of pumps and compressors associated with underground gas storage. Collected data then being interfaced to multiple higher level systems (DCS etc)

Rail Tanker System Upgrade: Replacement of PLC's and SCADA systems interfacing to new Camera Vision Systems for automated Loading of Rail tankers.

Emergency Shutdown System: Design, manufacture and commissioning of a "Fuels" Safety Shutdown system based on Cause and Effect diagrams and using Programmable Safety Systems for use within a Hazardous Area environment.

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Food and Beverage

Newfield Automation's experienced application engineers fully understand the exacting standards required within this industry. We can offer the client total control systems in natural oil extraction, blending, mixing, weighing and processing.

In recipe management, batch control and finished product handling, from can and bottle filling through to palletising the finished product - Newfield Automation is the name to trust.

Typical Projects include:

Production Line Integration: Integration of 3rd party handling equipment, including conversion of some original components onto a single, homogenous control solution.

Temperature Monitoring: Ambient temperature monitoring systems and report traceability for quality control of high and low care production areas.

Control System Obsolescence: Conversion and migration of obsolete technologies onto modern and supportable control platforms.

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The aggressive working environment present in the Aggregates Industries poses specific challenges in providing suitable control systems and equipment which will stand up to the task. Newfield Automation's engineers are experienced in designing and implementing Control systems for your complete operational processes, from the initial processing of the Raw Product through Batch Handling & Conveying systems, through to final Bulk Silo Holding and Tanker Loading Systems.

Typical Projects include:

Product Crushing & Handling Plant: Complete turnkey Plant upgrade including Batch Handling, Conveyor Controls, Form 2 MCC (21 drives), PLC Control with SCADA Servers on new Fibre Optic network, Field instrumentation and Local lighting and power.

Upgrade to Main plant Burner System to allow the use of Waste Oil: Conversion of existing Plant controls and monitoring instrumentation including design and supply of Form 4 MCC.

Lorry Tanker Loading Facility: Incorporation of Bulk Silos into the Plant control system along with Road Tanker Loading Facility. Covering all aspects of the new Facility, PLC controls, Power distribution, Plant field instrumentation and local power and lighting.

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